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February 9, 2021

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7 Steps to Build Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Today, consumers are tech-savvy, and they expect a response from businesses in real-time. Additionally, they expect to interact with businesses in a way that is most convenient for their specific situation. With this in mind, it is easy to understand why using just one channel marketing is an insufficient strategy and no longer works.

Reliance on a single channel marketing is practically ineffective. Today more and more businesses are moving to a multi-channel digital marketing strategy. Multi-channel digital marketing is the use of multiple marketing platforms to get the messaging and branding across to the target audience.

The Steps to Get the Most Out of a Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Strategy

The advantage of a multi-channel digital marketing strategy


With multi-channel digital marketing, you reach out to your target customers at a time, place, and in a manner of their choice. The easiest way to define multi-channel digital marketing would be a digital marketing approach that is all about choice.

With more than 50 billion devices connected to the internet today, ignoring a multi-channel digital marketing strategy during business planning is a mistake that you simply cannot afford to make.

The following are the 7 steps businesses need to follow to get the most out of a multi-channel digital marketing approach.

Know Your Core Message

Consumers today receive bucket loads of marketing messages each day and this can overwhelm them. Considering that there’s so much noise in the marketplace today, your brand might disappear if you don’t work out a way to stand out during business planning.

You need to reach out to your target customers with a strong message. Where does this message come from? It comes from a great set of values and a solid mission.

Focus on a Unified Multi-Channel Strategy

Positively influencing your customers’ perception of your brand or product/services is the main objective of a multi-channel strategy. Therefore, your multi-channel marketing strategy shouldn’t be limited to attracting customers.

Instead, it should focus on other aspects of your business as well such as customer support, social media support, and merchandising. Unifying these business aspects during business planning is the key to ensuring customer satisfaction with a multi-channel digital marketing approach.

Choose Platforms Carefully

An assumption that many companies make about multi-channel marketing is that it is simply a means to distribute your content across as many platforms as possible. This is incorrect.

When starting, most new businesses today immediately assume that they need to be active on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter to have an ‘online presence’.

This may or may not be true depending on the company and the industry/market it belongs to. There are countless channels today to reach out to customers and not all of them will apply to your business.

For this reason, multi-channel marketing, contrary to popular belief, isn’t about being active on every platform. Instead, the purpose of a multi-channel marketing campaign is to ensure that you’re in all the right places.

Therefore, you should choose platforms for your multi-channel marketing campaign during business planning after taking a good look at your brand identity. For guidance, take a leaf out of what the best or top brands in your industry/market/niche are doing i.e., which platforms they are most active on.

Gather Data from Multiple Sources

You need to gather data from the different contact points for your business and then audit this data. It needs to be an integral part of your business planning. Research data on the multiple marketing channels to begin. Then, find out what people are saying about your brand and your product/service. Check the engagement levels on the different channels to conclude this step. It will allow you to get an overview of the perception of your business.

Analyze Your Customer Data

It may surprise you, but many marketers and small business owners rely on guesswork to establish their business. Avoid this. Don’t assume that you know where your customers are. Instead, build systems to keep track of your interactions.

The best or most successful marketing campaigns don’t just push companies onto every available platform. Instead, they look for relevancy to find which channels your customers use.

With Google Analytics or another similar dashboard, you can see the origin of your incoming traffic. Additionally, you can use the tool to determine whether the majority of your leads come from your social media page or paid ads.

Integrate the Online and Physical Experience

You can use the insights you gather about your customers during business planning to create an integrated online and offline experience. Additionally, you can use innovative technologies to reduce the gap between the online and physical space. More importantly, you can use these technologies to create a unified message that is the same across all your marketing channels.

Go Cross-Channel

One of the best things you can do during business planning to get the most out of your multi-channel campaign is to do cross channel marketing. How should you approach this? Start by creating a single campaign and then consider how you can modify it to run independently on everything from Facebook to Snapchat.

For instance, you might advertise a new product on Snapchat with a branded filter while using live video on Facebook to have interactive sessions and give away samples and freebies. The idea should be to use multi-channel marketing to get the most out of the different platforms that apply to your business. Just make sure you’re on all the platforms that allow you to cover all your bases.

The key to the success of a multi-channel digital marketing strategy is consistency. By offering a consistent customer experience across different channels, you can improve your brand image, build loyalty, and boost loyalty

What You Need to Keep In Mind When Devising a Digital Marketing Strategy

Today, it is virtually impossible for any business to survive and thrive without a website and an online presence. Unfortunately, many businesses today fail to comply with this requirement and continue doing things the ‘same old way’. Another problem is that many of the businesses with a website or an online presence are not doing enough to drive customers to their website.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of organic and paid search marketing for businesses. It’s a well-established fact that most customers today use Google and other search engines to find the products or services they need.

Businesses that realize this employ a digital marketing agency to improve their online presence. Moreover, they look to market better over the internet. There are several benefits of optimizing your website and other business pages for your target audience and the search terms relevant to your business or industry

However, the optimization must be well-thought-out and carefully planned to reap the benefits of an optimized page. It applies to all other marketing strategies as well. Digital marketing channels are a powerful way to market your business. However, you must use them appropriately to drive results. Hiring the right digital marketing agency and using the trending digital marketing strategies are two ways to do that.

The Trending Digital Marketing Strategies to Pursue Right Now

The trending digital marketing strategies

Some businesses continue to make the same digital marketing mistakes repeatedly. These mistakes decrease the effectiveness of the digital marketing channels and contribute to the failure of your business in the future.

Do you use SEO or paid search marketing but still get zero or little traffic to your site? Or do you get traffic to your website but aren’t able to convert those leads into paying customers? If your answer to either of these questions was a ‘yes’, then it should be clear to you that your current digital marketing strategies are not built for success.

In other words, you’re wasting time and money on digital marketing efforts that bring little benefit to your business. Therefore, you must identify and focus on digital marketing strategies that are the most likely to ensure success for your business. You can identify these digital marketing strategies by employing the services of a digital marketing agency or by simply paying attention to the latest trends in digital marketing.

What are the trending digital marketing strategies to pursue right now? Firstly, you need to know that the world of marketing is constantly evolving. This can make it difficult to determine which marketing strategy would work for a specific audience at a specific time.

However, business owners can make the task easier for themselves by staying aware of the digital marketing strategies that are expected to take the world by storm. The following are the 3 digital marketing trends that are having the biggest impact on businesses today.

Personalized User Journey/Customer Experience

An increasing number of businesses today are using personalized user journey/customer experience to build brand awareness. There has been widespread use of website personalization to increase relevance and customer response, particularly in transactional e-commerce such as retail, financial services, and travel.

There are three levels of the personalization pyramid: optimization, segmentation, and one-to-one personalization. Optimization involves structured experimentation such as AB testing. Segmentation is the use of specialized content to target visitors to the site and increase relevance and conversion.

As the name suggests, one-to-one personalization is a personalized experience delivered to each customer with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Today, there are many forms of web personalization — Software as a Service (SaaS) personalization options that integrate with your analytics, CMS, those directly integrated into your analytics solution. Recently, more affordable options have been made available with varying solutions by some digital marketing services.

Increased Use of Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing among businesses today. Today, it is important for several reasons. It helps build trust, generate leads, and cultivate customer loyalty. More importantly, content about your company or relating to your business is something customers have come to expect.

Perhaps, this is the reason businesses are getting more serious about their content strategy each day. Today, many businesses are using a variety of content in their internet marketing campaigns and as part of their customer engagement strategy.

Some of the content marketing tactics currently employed by them include content mapping and personas. Another key content marketing tactic is developing unique content to offer personalized and targeted content to customers.

Multi-Channel Cold Outreach Campaign

This is perhaps the most likely of the three digital marketing trends listed here to take the world by storm. Long, cold emails have been used by businesses to reach out to and target potential customers, successfully if we may add.

However, the average response rate of cold emails today is not that high. Instead, it is on the decline. More worryingly, this trend is expected to continue as customers get more solutions to filter out the ‘junk’ emails.

As such, businesses everywhere need an integrated marketing campaign to get the best results. This marketing campaign combines email, digital advertisements, and other marketing channels to engage the target audience in new and exciting ways.

An example of an integrated marketing campaign would be including text messages in your email marketing campaigns and then following this up with customer advertisements offered by platforms such as Google AdWords and Facebook to retarget qualified prospects.

Final Word

Successfully marketing your business is no easy feat as there are several challenges to overcome. However, you can reach your destination faster by:

  • Following the proven steps to build your digital marketing strategy;
  • Making use of the latest trends in digital marketing; and
  • Tailoring your digital marketing campaigns according to the needs of your business

By accomplishing the above, you can gain a competitive advantage to bring benefits to your bottom line.

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