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January 8, 2021

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Why You Need a Keyword Strategy [2021 Edition]

You might have already heard that you need a keyword strategy.

Having one plays a vital role in increasing your website visits. It also helps you to provide your users with the right content at the right time boosting your revenue.

According to the Konstruct statistics, 93 percent of all website traffic comes from search engines.

That’s why it’s important to have great search engine rankings, and that’s where keyword strategy comes into play. In this article, you’ll learn what a keyword strategy is and why you need one for 2021.

So, let’s dive into it.

What is a Keyword Strategy?

Keyword strategy is the process you use to research, analyze, and choose the most valuable keywords and incorporate them into your website and marketing campaign.


When used on your website, it increases your website’s SEO performance and helps it rank better in search engines.

While SEO is far more than just using the correct keywords. You can learn more about the different aspects of SEO here.  This article will only discuss the basics of how Keywords affects SEO.

A best practice is to have no more than one webpage dedicated to a keyword. This helps google as it doesn’t have to decide which page to rank over the other. The last thing you want is for Google to not rank either because it doesn’t know which page is more important.

Marketing Campaign

Most businesses, especially small business neglect to incorporate keywords properly into their marketing campaigns.

One of the cons of this approach is that it will cause you to pay more to acquire new customers.

While doing this properly isn’t difficult it does take time and planning. You need to determine what long-tail keywords your ideal customer is using at the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel. Working backwards you need to incorporate them into the landing page where you want to answer their questions. You then need to incorporate them into the marketing campaign. This means including them in the ad copy as well as using them as the keywords that you are targeting.

The goal of a well-executed marketing campaign is to get your ads and offer in front of the right people at the right time. Not everyone is your customer. And targeting broad keywords is a waste of your money and resources.

Why Keyword Strategy is Important?

As discussed, a well-planned keyword strategy allows you to generate more qualified traffic which leads to more sales and profit.

Here are some of the most important reasons why you need a keyword strategy for 2021.

A Good Keywords Strategy Allows you to Generate More Qualified Leads

With the help of a keyword strategy, you can have a more defined and targeted search query. This will generate more qualified leads for your business.

Not only does it allow the users to find exactly what they’re looking for, but it also helps your business to attract the correct customers who are actively searching for your product or service.

Target Keywords with Less Competition

Having a strategy allows you to use the keywords in your website content that are relevant only for your ideal prospects. Not only does it reduce the competition, but it also makes it easier for your website to rank higher organically by providing a better user experience.

Benefits of Targeting Long-tail Keywords

Long tail keywords account for 70% of online searches.

They are bottom of the funnel keywords that signal a person is ready to make a purchase

A Keyword Strategy Results in More Conversions

People who are searching for a very specific keyword have a higher intention to place orders.

The person searching “laptops” is usually at the top of the funnel and just beginning to do research. However, the person using the long-tail keyword “Computer stores in Houston, TX” are at the bottom of the funnel and are closer to making a purchase.

Including long-tail keywords that signal a purchase intent in your marketing campaigns and on your website will help you get more customers.

So, remember to also target those that are at the bottom of the funnel also!

A Keyword Strategy Allows you to Create Targeted Content

Last but not least, your keyword strategy allows you to create targeted content and landing pages for your targeted audience.

Specificity is the key here.

With specificity, you provide the users with valuable information relevant to your services/products and also to your audience. It allows you to create value and trust that your customers need to build a long-term relationship.

These are some of the reasons why you need a keyword strategy. Now we’ll discuss how you can find the right keywords for you and your business.

How to Find the Right Keywords for your Keywords Strategy?

To have a well-thought-out keyword strategy, you’ll need to find the right phrases and words for your business.

This allows you to direct your targeted audience to the correct part of your website from the search engine results page. Here are some of the best practices that you can use in this process

Start with Yourself!

The very first step to finding the right keywords for your business is to ask the following question to yourself.

What products/services do you offer?

What do you want to achieve?

What phrases and words are relevant to your business?

Who is my customer/client?

What type of content are they looking for before making a purchase?

What type of content do you want to offer to your targeted audience?

You can find the most relevant keywords by answering these questions to create keyword strategy that works for your business.

You can also use any of the best keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, etcetera, for that.

Pay Attention to Your Keywords

Bear in mind that keywords are the most important aspect of pretty much everything when it comes to creating an online presence. By using the best practices of keyword research, you’ll get an idea of what keywords are important and how they can help your business.

Once you have decided on your keywords, write informative and valuable content incorporating them, helping you connect with your target audience directly.

Competitiveness of Your Keywords

Searching and analyzing keywords is an ongoing process. Keyword research is not set and forget. Great marketers understand that it is an ongoing process. Keywords need to be constantly researched and evaluated.

The keywords that were profitable yesterday often are not the ones that are profitable today.

A good keyword strategy is one where you are constantly adding and testing new keywords while also remove old keywords that are no longer performing well.

Good keyword sculpting takes time and requires you to evaluate the keywords you are using on a regular basis.

Another aspect that many people ignore is to examine their competitors.

It’s important to research the type of content that your competitors offer along with their current rankings. Word of caution here. You don’t want to use keywords just because your competitor is. It’s best to use them as a guide and for inspiration.

Determining the Number of Searches

As mentioned earlier, you want to analyze the performance of your used keywords. You can use Google Keyword Planner for this purpose. It will tell you the number of times your targeted keywords have already been searched within a specific timeframe. It is best to search a time period of 2-3 years or more.

This lets you see if there is a trend where the search volume increases on a regular basis. An example of this is costumes goes up around October each year.

It also lets you see if a keyword is gaining or losing popularity.

If the frequency is lower than what you anticipated, you can use the synonyms of those keywords as well to gain a larger portion of the available traffic.

Updating the Keywords Strategy

As mentioned, determining a keyword strategy for your business isn’t a set it and forget it task.

In fact, the real work starts after you have a well-designed keyword strategy, which is to update it regularly. For that matter, you can use Google Search Central and Google Analytics.

These tools will provide you with information about the type of visitors on your website, visit rate, and keywords rank. You can also check the position and effectiveness of your targeted keywords and how you can upgrade your overall keyword strategy.

Final Word

A keyword strategy is one of the most critical things to improve your digital presence. We recommend that you use only the relevant keywords while creating a keyword strategy for your business.

Keep in mind that sometimes new keywords become more valuable and effective as compared to the previous ones. That’s why it’s important to keep track of every targeted and new keyword in order to upgrade your keyword strategy.

If you are looking for someone to help you get in contact with us.

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