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February 16, 2021

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How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Small Business

What are the most effective channels for marketing your business and putting it in front of your target customers?

Different marketing experts have different opinions and choose different channels to put your business in front of your ideal customer and increase brand awareness.

However, most of these experts agree that having social media presence is critical for any business. 

Your business can benefit from an optimized social media campaign in more than one way. Not only will you be able to generate more qualified leads for your business. But you will also increase your brand visibility and awareness while increasing sales numbers.

The numbers prove this.

For instance, Social media has a lead-to-close rate that is 100% greater than outbound marketing, which is probably why 84% of all B2B marketers use some form of social media.

However, not every business is getting the results they want from social media marketing.

Over the years, I've come across and worked with many businesses worried about why their social media marketing did not produce expected results.

Their conversion from social media campaigns was next to zero, and the worst part was, they had no clue why this was happening.

Sound familiar? It probably does, or else you wouldn't be here.

While most businesses are aware of the impact of social media marking, many of them struggle with leveraging it for lead generation.

It's time that you took a long, hard look at their social media marketing efforts.

What You Need to Understand About Social Media Marketing

Different social media marketing platforms for your business

Social media marketing requires you to understand the best practices regarding the social network you've chosen for marketing your business.

Doing this allows you to implement an effective strategy that gets you the sales/leads you desire.

Social media is not magic. You won't get high-quality leads and achieve sales from these leads by just being on a social network.

Instead, you'll need to think strategically about your social media plan. This helps you know what you need to do to achieve the objectives you've set for your social media campaign.

Your Facebook page could have thousands of 'likes,' but this is often just a 'vanity' metric.

And, contrary to popular belief, that isn't enough to get you the leads or sales you want.

You may even have to accept that social media isn't the right platform for you. Your goal is to determine the optimal marketing channels for your specific business, and social media may be one of them.

Just because social media doesn't work for you immediately doesn't mean it won't work. Many social media campaigns (organic and paid) take time to gain traction.

If, after 90 days, you aren't getting the traction that you believe you should, it doesn't mean that social media isn't for you. Are your competitors on social media? Are they succeeding? If so, then more than likely, you just need to change your social media strategies.

You have the power to turn around your fortunes on social media; you just need the right guidance. That's exactly what I will provide in this post.

How to Use Social Media Marketing to Benefit Your Business

Doing social media marketing for your business

Many businesses today are leveraging social media to get quality leads that convert.

Regardless of your lead generation goals, you can take your lead generation efforts to the next level by optimizing your social media marketing campaign.

This ultimately helps your business grow.

The following are the 7 steps to optimize your social media marketing campaign and grow your business.

Assess Your Social-Media Marketing Campaign to Understand the Lead-Generation Problem

Social media is a profitable marketing channel.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to at least give it a try.

If you have already leveraged social media to generate quality leads but haven't gotten the desired results, then you might be approaching social media marketing the wrong way.

Assess your social media marketing campaign to determine where lead generation problems are and what's causing them.

Often, businesses have a lack of ROI when it comes to lead generation.

There are two likely causes for this.

The first is that your team members are not on the same page about measuring social media success.

The second issue is the lack of alignment of your social media marketing with your business objectives.

Overcoming the first problem requires not letting vanity metrics distract you. Vanity metrics are variables that help you appear good to others but do not allow you to interpret your outcomes in a way that guides future strategies.

Therefore, your focus should be on metrics that contribute to revenue instead of vanity metrics.

You can overcome the other issue above by building your social media strategy to support lead generation.

Doing this will allow you to track and report positive ROI, which is the goal all along.

Align Actions to Goals

You must understand the goals you're trying to reach if you want to improve your social media marketing strategy.

You need to establish the touchpoints and activities throughout your social media marketing campaign to nurture leads if your ultimate objective is sales.

This means creating content for all levels of the sales funnel.

To define your social media goals and better understand the actions of your customers by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Are you increasing your knowledge to build better customer profiles?
  • Are leads converting to sales faster?
  • Are you driving more traffic to your site from social media channels? Are you getting more email sign-ups?
  • Are you seeing an improvement in your Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)?

Optimize Your Business Page Profiles

Optimizing your business page profiles is one of the easiest ways to increase lead generation on social media.

An optimized business profile page is a profile that links to your website, provides accessible contact information, poses a compelling call-to-action, and displays your value proposition.

A visitor to your social media page is unlikely to convert into a lead if they don't know how to reach your business or what you want them to do.

You can start by having a business name that your customers and prospects will associate with your business.

This ensures consistency in brand recognition.

This will also help your Facebook or other social media business pages to appear in Google search results. So, make sure you choose the business name for the profile wisely.

Include a link in your Bio and a landing page optimized for gather leads and a link to a 'contact us' page where users can input their information.

Another important thing is to have a compelling call-to-action.

Facebook makes this easy by giving you an option to include a CTA button. There are seven CTA options on Facebook: Sign Up, Contact Us, Shop Now, Book Now, Watch Video, Play Game, and Use App.

Also, you can link the CTA to a page on your website.

Finally, make sure that the 'About Us' section on your social media page is complete with a summary of your business's purpose, address, phone number, and hours of operation.

Leverage Social Media Apps

If you thought that social messaging apps were just for sending emojis to friends and family, then think again.

The following are some statistics that will change your perspective on social messaging apps:

  • There are over a billion active monthly users on Facebook
  • The messages exchanged between people and businesses on Facebook Messenger every month amount to 2 billion
  • There are 1.3 billion monthly active users on WhatsApp
  • More than 50 billion messages are delivered through WhatsApp
  • The combined users of Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and WhatsApp are more than the users on YouTube or Facebook

These statistics indicate the increased benefit for businesses to use social messaging apps.

Since a significant percentage of your potential customers spend a lot of their day or week on messaging apps, it makes perfect sense for you to market your products and/or services on these platforms.

Social messaging apps can be a great way to increase brand awareness, market products and/services, and engage directly with potential customers.

Social messaging apps allow you to have a more 'personalized' marketing, which adds value for your intended audience and makes your business look' good.'

Utilize Social Media Ads

As the go-to ads for many marketers and business owners today, Facebook ads convert approximately 25% of social media referrals.

With Facebook ads, you can promote your business online while managing your marketing costs.

One of the best ways to put your business in front of people most likely to convert is using social media's ability to target highly specific audiences.

This has been taken a step further by ads explicitly designed for lead generation. Facebook Lead Ads and LinkedIn Gen Ads are examples of these ads.

With Facebook Lead Ads, you can create a compelling marketing message that resonates with your target audience's needs and wants.

Additionally, Lead ads allow Facebook users to express interest in a business offering by filling out a form, which the business can then use to contact them.

There is no need for users to enter the information themselves. This is because Facebook automatically populates the form with their contact information.

LinkedIn Lead Gen ads also work similarly. Once a user clicks on your ad, the LinkedIn ads auto-populate your forms with contact information from the user's LinkedIn profiles.

Social media lead generation advertisements improve the likelihood that users will submit their details in return for your content by making the process simpler for users.

This, in turn, increases your chances of generating high-quality leads.

Use Social Media Stories

Some call social media stories the next big trend in social media marketing.

Already used by several businesses, social media stories are expected to become a norm for businesses in the future.

With the proliferation of smartphones, stories are all set to take over most social networks.

We already see their domination on Instagram, the most popular platform for social media stories. In fact, 500 million users view stories every day on Instagram.

Today, more and more businesses are using social media stories to come across as 'authentic' to their audiences. To prove their authenticity with the power of social media stories, businesses produce engaging videos for followers, countdowns, fun polls, and behind-the-scenes content.

The help of a marketing expert or creative professional is typically not required to create stories.

However, a professional social media marketing agency can help you to devise a strategy to produce engaging and effective social media stories.

Offer a Free Trial

The final way you can use social media marketing to benefit your business is by offering a free trial. This strategy is exactly what it sounds like.

Offer a free trial version of your product or service and then promote it using social media.

A free trial alone is often enough to generate quality leads that you can convert.

However, promoting it on social media will allow you to reach a larger audience and improve your results.

By using these unique and innovative ways to put your business in front of the customer, you can make your target audience more aware of your brand while increasing your business's appeal and value to them.

Final Word

Social media marketing is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to generate quality leads that convert.

However, you will only generate quality leads that convert if you optimize your social media marketing campaigns. You can do this by using the steps for optimizing your social media marketing campaign and growing your business detailed above.

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