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April 1, 2021

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001 Neil Butler Untypical Thinking

In this Boss Marketing episode, we have invited Neil Butler. He is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Untypical Thinking. Neil focuses on helping people grow their businesses through innovative thinking. Today, Neil dives into the significance of mastering your thinking.

Becoming an Ideas Generator


But I think one thing I really encourage anybody whether they are a new, small business owner, or an existing one is stopped thinking about what you should be doing. 

So many people talk about, I should do this, or I should do that. And it kind of implies that there's some standard that you should adhere to. 

I'd much rather use the word could. So rather, what should we do? What could we do? Use your imagination? Think outside? No, no, no, don't think outside of the box. 

Set fire to the box, don't have a box. instead go out there. And you think about some of the Great's of history. They didn't think what should I do? 

 They would think about that we're using your imagination. So imagine that's another really important part of it..

Growing your business in the new normal


Yeah, well, what I'm saying is, we are now living in times this whole new new normal thing that we are all trying to come to terms with, there is no such thing as businesses usually anymore. Instead, we have businesses most unusual. 

So instead of going back to the same people who want to pull things back to the way they were, let's ask the people who haven't traditionally had that opportunity here is a massive opportunity, for example, to increase the number of people who are making decisions who are women, we haven't had that opportunity. 

While we had the opportunity, we just haven't acted upon it. Instead of instead of looking at the person at the top and going, you've been here the longest so you know what to do they only know what to do in the old world. 

Yeah, ask the under people ask the people who've been sitting there putting their hand up going, I've got an idea. I've got an idea. They're the people. And so in fact, I invented this new word, which I've trademarked, in fact, called transfermagination. 

Don't just transform, use your imagination to transform. And sadly people like me, they've got 30 years of experience. And that's what you always fall back on what we should do, not what we could do. So it's all tied in to that idea. Ask the young folks ask the women ask the people who have come from other industries, that's another big one. [09:01]

How to Stand Out in Business


I think that one thing I would absolutely encourage anyone starting a small business to do is be yourself. 

Don't try and be somebody else, because those people are all taken. So be yourself. 

And if you allow yourself to be yourself, then your brand will come out of it anyway. [12:17]

Priortizing Which Pain Points to Eliminate


Pain points will fall into four categories hard to fix really small benefit forget about it


easy to fix high benefit

definitely let's do it

yeah high effort high value you're gonna need to spend some time think about that we probably need to target that and

 low impact low effort well if we pick that up on the way through then that's great

right yeah we have enough time and enough resources we'll get to it

Free Great Ideas From Neil Butler


something really simple. here's, here's a tip for every single person who's listening to this, this podcast, go to your Facebook press presence. 

And check out what your Facebook URL is. In my case, he said, putting in a quick plug, mine is facebook.com/untypical au. 

Because I'm typically already taken in the EU for Australia. If I didn't actually claim my vanity URL, 

it would be something like facebook.com/6694387764517_untypical. 

Now that can't be marketed. But a vanity URL can, the only thing you require for a vanity URL is 25 likes. 

So if your business has 25 likes, and if they haven't, go and find 25, your friends and say, can you like my page, 

and you can unlock it in three days time, I just need 25 likes. Yeah. And once you do that, you can go and create a username. 

And suddenly, you are now facebook.com/your name. Now that's a really simple, I'll just that's what that's 50 bucks, I've given away one of my 3gi. 

That's all right, you can have that one for free. But it's simple things like that, that people don't think about..

Learn more about Neil Butler on:

Website: https://www.untypical.com.au/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/untypicalau/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/untypical.au 

Untypical Thoughts Podcast: https://pod.co/untypical 

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